Technology Addiction Help for Preteens with Dr. Lisa Strohman

In this episode of The Middle School Years Podcast, I’m joined by Dr. Lisa Strohman, founder of the Digital Citizen Academy (DCA), a resource for parents, kids, and schools to help educate them on online safety as well as technology addiction.

Dr. Lisa is dishing about all things tech when it comes to our middle schooler and it is an eye opener for sure. My mouth dropped when she shared that our kids are spending 9-11 hours on their devices daily. It really shouldn’t be that shocking but it’s definitely scary to me as a parent.

When you allow your child to go online, on a device, you’re allowing them to connect to millions of people you have no control over.

Dr. Lisa reveals that research is showing that just four hours of frivolous use online is actually rewiring the brain and this doesn’t just apply to our kids. Grown up check 1-2-1-2. Mama, you really want to hear what she says about the effects of excessive gaming and heroin. It will make you rethink Roblox…well, at least I have.

@drlisaStrohman says excessive screen time has the same effects as smoking crack. CLICK TO TWEETDr. Lisa believes that technology does have some positive influences for our kids. It’s not all bad but as parents, we must educate ourselves so that we can best support our kids. Technology is here to stay but that doesn’t mean that we can’t help our kids be kids as long as possible.

As a parent of a kiddo with a school issued iPad, I’ve struggled to help Mekhi balance screen time. I had to ask her thoughts on school issued technology and how parents can manage screen time when textbooks, homework, and school life revolves around iPads, tablets, or laptops. She gives some great insights that I’m planning to use with my kids.

Grab your earbuds, take a walk and listen in as Dr. Lisa helps us better understand the implications of technology excess.

Let’s get to it.

Click the play button and listen in as Dr. Lisa shares about helping our preteens with technology addiction and then tell us your biggest aha from this episode.