Teeth Talk Girl

TeethTalkGirl was founded by Registered Dental Hygienist, Whitney Rose DiFoggio, BS after her love for oral health inspired her to educate the masses on how to take care of their gums, teeth and more in a fun and entertaining way.

Many viewers resonated with Whitney’s lighthearted YouTube videos and her channel has grown exponentially in result. TeethTalkGirl now has over 74K subscribers and over 9 million views.

Since 2015, TeethTalkGirl’s website has grown into a consumer-focused oral health informational website. The site has hundreds of dental articles from plaque vs tartar to gingivectomy options.

Their goal is to provide credible oral health information and make it accessible to all. Their team ensures that all articles, videos, and content are reviewed by their dedicated dental network of licensed dentists and registered dental hygienists.

For more information about TeethTalkGirl, please visit www.teethtalkgirl.com and see their YouTube channel here.

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Our Mission – We Provide Accurate Oral Health Information That Inspires Healthy Mouths

TeethTalkGirl.com provides dental professional reviewed information about healthy teeth and mouths. Our Mission is to help people learn about oral health in a fun and factual way.  We strive to be the number one online resource for all oral health needs.

We provide trusted and accurate oral health information.

We understand people have unique challenges with oral health and we want to help everyone achieve a happy, healthy mouth.

Thank you,

Teeth Talk Girl Team!