SANDD™ – Sharps and Needle Destruction Device

SANDD™ are a line of portable needle destruction devices that provide a safer, more economical, environmentally friendly way to dispose of needles. SANDD™ Products are FDA Approved and OSHA Compliant. The complete line of SANDD™ products, including The SANDD mini™, SANDD-HP™ and the SANDD Pro™, are expected to soon be available for virtually all home and commercial applications including hospitals, first responders, as well as a full range of clinics and primary care physicians, dentists, veterinarians, retirement and non-acute healthcare facilities.

SANDD™ is owned and distributed by RedHawk Holdings Corp. (“RedHawk” or the “Company”), a diversified holding company engaged in sales and distribution of medical devices, branded generic pharmaceutical drugs, commercial real estate investment and leasing, point of entry full-body security systems, and specialized financial services.

SANDD™ recently appointed Dr. Drew Pinsky (commonly known as “Dr. Drew”) as the Company’s official spokesperson to educate audiences about safe needle disposal.  Additionally, actor and model Derek Theler joined the campaign to combat Juvenile Diabetes and educate folks about proper needle disposal at home. The Company has agreed to donate $10 to the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation from each SANDD mini™ unit sold.

The SANDD mini™ (formerly known as The Disintegrator™) is a portable, lithium-ion battery operated, needle destruction device primarily for use by self-injector diabetics in the home. In clinical settings, the SANDD mini™ can be used by allergist, dermatologist, cosmetologist, plastic surgeons and other medical specialists without the need for sharps containers for needle disposal. The SANDD mini™ provides diabetics with the safe and environmentally friendly disposal of needles following their use in a home setting and is an effective alternative to hazardous waste needle disposal utilizing sharps containers.

The SANDD mini™ is the only FDA-approved portable, battery-operated needle destruction device that eliminates the use of sharps containers for disposal in both clinical and home settings.

Other models include the SANDD-HP™, which operates with both AC and/or DC power and is designed specifically for healthcare professionals for use in both a clinical/office or portable setting. The major electronic components of the SANDD-HP™ are expected to be manufactured in the United States.

Lastly, the SANDD Pro™ is capable of incinerating hypodermic needles 18-gauge and higher, up to 8 inch in length. Additionally, SANDD Pro™ technology is expected to feature a portable, rechargeable, lithium-ion battery operated unit. RedHawk, the distributor of  SANDD™ products, believes that this portable unit (the “SANDD Pro™ – Portable”) will incinerate as many as 300 needles on a single charge, ranging in gauges as thick as 21 gauge and lengths up to 8”.

RedHawk expects that the SANDD Pro™ – Portable will be ideal for field use by first responders, home health care nurses, veterinarians, home use injectors and the like. The SANDD Pro™ is both FDA approved and OSHA compliant.

The SANDD mini™ and the SANDD-HP™ are currently being sold to the general public and to various Independent School Districts in the State of Texas, as well as various Independent School Districts in the State of Louisiana for testing.

With SANDD™ Products, users can say goodbye to needlestick injuries and turn insulin syringes and pen needles into common household trash.

The SANDD mini™
The SANDD Pro™

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