Paul Mielke

Co-Star, Flipping Down South A&E Network

“Flipping Down South,” currently airing on the A&E Network, follows Cody and his partner Paul Mielke of Apollo Realty,  Birmingham, Alabama’s fastest growing flipping business. They see dollar signs where others see dumps. Buying many of their flips for under $10,000, they turn eyesores into dream homes. But their mission is about more than making money—both investors come from working class roots, and they aim to keep their flips affordable, while still building a booming business. The new series airs Saturday at 12/11c.

Paul Mielke stars on Flipping Down South and is a partner with Flip Apollo in Birmingham, AL. A self-taught, serial entrepreneur, Mielke moved to Birmingham a few years ago with no money, no friends, and no idea of how he was going to sell real estate. Mielke drove the streets of Birmingham buying the ugliest, most beat-up homes and sold them to investors with contractors in place to do the renovations. After his first house flipping business partnership ended abruptly, leaving him without a car or a home of his own, Mielke met Cody J. Cummings and the two launched the Apollo Group. Their company buys rundown homes and transforms them into fun, colorful, bold, affordable homes. As their business thrives, Mielke does not forget the past – when he had to walk to work and sleep at the office. He works every day with the same burning desire as he did when he first started out.

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