Entrepreneur, YouTube Creator, and Founder of Hi5 Studios

Matthias is a Los Angeles based Entrepreneur, Producer, and Social Media Creator. Upon discovering his passion for creating online content, Matthias founded Hi5 Studios, a YouTube network with eight channels spanning over 17 million subscribers.

Matthias attended College of the Canyons for a degree in film and during this time, directed a movie titled Maestro which won Best Cinematography Award and got featured on the homepage of Vimeo. After this, Matthias transferred to California State University, Northridge where he graduated with a degree in Audio/Sound Engineering. While at CSUN, Matthias became a fellow of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association and was one of four students to be chosen to direct a thesis film, which had a budget of over $30,000.

After losing his job at in 2012, Matthias started making YouTube videos and since then has never looked back. In 2016, he started Hi5 Universe, a channel for his new office, Hi5 Studios, and within 24 hours gained 100,000 subscribers. Today, Hi5 Studios remains a YouTube In-House Multichannel Network garnering over 100 million in views monthly and is home to the popular YouTube channels Dope or Nope, Battle Universe, Get Good Gaming, REKT,  Matthias & Amanda and more.

In addition to creating a multimillion-dollar empire through his YouTube endeavors, Matthias is expanding into the music industry is launching a record label titled Chill Records.

Matthias is known for creating videos relating to topics that benefit his audience in some way and make them smile through comedy. Understanding that YouTube is a medium that thrives on creator and audience communication, Matthias feels that it is essential to get the viewers involved in the process of creation, and does not only pay attention to what his viewers are expecting but credits them when he incorporates their ideas into his content.

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