Dr. Michelle Rozen

America’s leading expert on dealing with change, a.k.a THE CHANGE DOCTOR

Dr. Michelle Rozen, Ph.D., is a highly respected authority on the psychology of change and one of the leading female experts in this heavily male-dominated field. She is one of the most booked motivational speakers nationwide as well as internationally, and a frequent guest on media outlets such as NBC, ABC, FOX News, and CNN on topics related to dealing with change in our world and in every aspect of our lives, so that we can do better and feel better.

Her most recent book, “2-Second Decisions,” helps people power through with their most challenging decisions through turbulent times.

Dr. Michelle consistently speaks for Fortune 500 companies and her clients include some of the most recognizable companies in the world including Johnson & Johnson, Merrill Lynch, Pfizer, and The U.S. Navy. She holds a masters degree and a Ph.D. in Psychology and resides in the greater NYC area with her husband, three kids, and two dogs.

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