Celebrity "Go Green" Spa-Like Soiree for Book Launch of HEAL UP!

Award-winning Periodontist, Oral Health Expert, Nutritionist, Author, and Television Personality, Dr. Sanda Moldovan, MS, DDS, enlisted VAPR to organize and oversee the book launch for her latest book titled, “HEAL UP!”

Valerie Allen and her team secured a wide variety of celebrities throughout television, film, sports and more to walk the red carpet, as well as top tier media outlets to cover the event. Additionally, they attended Dr. Moldovan’s event to manage media attendance and ensure the event ran smoothly. This event was featured in various news publications, which increased exposure and heightened overall brand awareness.
“Dr. Sanda Moldovan is producing a ‘live’ version of Heal Up! at her party, which makes it one of the most innovative and extraordinary book launches for the Fall/Winter season. Dr. Sanda is gifting her guests with the opportunity to utilize all of their senses as they embark on a mini-healing journey that complements the same themes for maximizing optimum health— that readers will find between the pages of her new book.

  • Oxygen Bar
  • Water Bar
  • Longevity Bar—Anti-aging elixirs. Tasty ‘health’ shots are Dr. Sanda‘s custom formulas for a variety of body boosting tonics—for glowing skin, bone building, eyes, hormonal and oral enhancements.
  • Bio mats
  • Energy healing
  • Biofeedback Analysis”