Breaking Through!: Stories of Hope and Recovery By Dr Mark Stahlhuth & Dr Nancy Irwin of Seasons Recovery Center

Breaking Through! Stories of Hope and Recovery is a collection of stories that inspire and offer hope to individuals and loved ones impacted by the ravages of addiction.

Dr. Mark Stahlhuth and Dr. Nancy Irwin offer nine vignettes in Breaking Through! Stories of Hope and Recovery that profile specific cases of addiction and the co-occurring disorders that often accompanies alcoholism and substance abuse.  In addition to drawing a composite portrait of each subject’s downward spiral, these vignettes demonstrate some of the cutting-edge treatment protocols used by Seasons in Malibu’s World Class Addiction and Recovery Center.

Snapshots of people profiled in Breaking Through! Stories of Hope and Recovery include:

  • A Celebrated Actor who had everything life could offer except what he truly needed.
  • An I.T. Pioneer who broke through glass ceilings to enjoy a highly successful career at a great cost to her personal life.
  • A Sheriff whose childhood messages about masculinity negatively impacted the way he handled trauma when confronted with the barrel of a gun.
  • A 20-Something, affluent heroin addict whose parents’ own alcohol and drug problems created a chaotic home life he fled from at an early age.
  • A Medical Doctor brought up in a strict religious environment that wouldn’t allow him to own his sexuality.
  • A Professional Gambler and victim of child abuse who didn’t understand how his early upbringing impacted his life long after he left home at an early age.
  • A Middle Age Widow whose arrest for a DUI helped her gain insight about her drinking pattern that had escalated significantly after the sudden death of her husband.

Every client who enters Seasons’ treatment facilities has access to Seasons in Malibu’s multi-disciplinary, one-on-one holistic approach. No two people are alike and at Seasons in Malibu, one-size does not fit all. Yet those suffering with addictions do share some commonalities.

We hope our readers will have their own ‘breaking through’ moments as they read these inspiring stories meant to show the struggle for sobriety, as well as the bountiful rewards felt once the fog of addiction is lifted from their lives.

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