Amiyah Scott

Actress, Model, Author & LGBT Advocate
Amiyah Scott is an actress, model, author and LGBTQ Advocate, best-known for her role as Cotton on Lee Daniel’s  “Star” on Fox.  With this role, Amiyah broke history as the first transgender actress to play a transgender character on a major network television series.
In just a short time, Amiyah’s trailblazing brand in beauty, modeling and acting has garnered immense popularity amongst the trans community and beyond.
Though Amiyah struggled with bullying and acceptance throughout her life, she never let that deter her drive, ambition, or goals. VH1 crowned her King by reporting that Amiyah “is the first transgender model to amass a large social media following on instagram.” Amiyah is also known for her unique, exotic and gorgeous look; always keeping her hair, makeup, and fashion creative heavily sought after.

In addition to modeling and acting, Amiyah made her mark by pioneering the New Orleans underground ballroom scene when she was a teenager.Early 2015 Amiyah taped for 4 weeks, on Bravo’s Hit reality series, Real Housewives of Atlanta. Although her tapings never aired Amiyah established good relationships with cast members who have hinted at Amyiah’s bright future.

Amiyah is a proud advocate of the LGBT community and has centralized her focus on giving transgender females a voice. In fact, she is the proud recipient of GLAAD’s Rising Star Award for her advocacy work and leadership in the LGTBQ space. Amiyah desires not only to be an inspiration to the LGBT community, but Amyiah longs to inspire anyone who has a dream. Her hope is that her story can motivate others to go after what they desire most, regardless of adversity and never lose sight of their goals.

She is debuting her book Memoirs of a Mermaid [Fideli Publishing, Inc.] due out March 31, 2019.
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