Alexander Z. Rivkin, M.D.

Cosmetic Surgeon, RIVKIN Aesthetics

Alexander Z. Rivkin, M.D., is a cosmetic surgeon and the owner of RIVKIN Aesthetics. Dr. Rivkin specializes in delivering non-invasive treatments and providing state-of-the-art non-surgical aesthetic procedures that compete with the outcomes of plastic surgery.

In addition to non-surgical facelifts, nose jobs, and more, Dr. Rivkin offers a revolutionary treatment for non-surgical self-harm scar revision to give his patients a new lease on life. The stigma of self-harm scars from depression or anxiety can weigh heavy on a person, reminding them of a difficult period of their life or even interfering with their personal or professional life. While the scars can sometimes be covered with long sleeves or addressed with tattoos, Dr. Rivkin and his team are able to reduce the appearance of self-harm scars through multiple therapies and other safe and effective non-invasive treatments, with little to no recovery time.

In service to his community, Dr. Rivkin and RIVKIN Aesthetics offer this service to those who are in financial need at a reduced cost or no cost at all.

Dr. Rivkin is the go-to expert in the media and has been featured in Good Morning America, Entertainment Tonight, Extra, and the Today Show, among others.

Dr. Rivkin received his BA from Columbia University before earning his MD from Yale University School of Medicine. An Assistant Clinical Professor at the UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine, he is proudly on the Advisory Board of Directors of the Lynne Cohen Foundation for Breast and Ovarian Cancer Research and is an Officer on the Executive Committee of the Los Angeles Regional Board of Anti-Defamation League.