A Mission for Michael

Mental Health & Addiction Treatment Center

Here at A Mission for Michael, we build our entire philosophy on service to our patients and their families. Our facility was born out of tragedy but that has created a fierce resolve to do everything we can to prevent others from experiencing the same pain and heartache that impacted our family.

It breaks our hearts to hear about mental health programs and resources that take advantage of their patients and their families. For that reason, we stand at the forefront of ethics for mental health treatment, as a provider that focuses on mental illness and addiction. We also call for initiatives that will encourage other programs and professionals to do the same.

At A Mission for Michael, we’ve gone even further than the Hayes Davidson Ethics pledge. As a team, we vow to each of our patients, and to their families, that we will:

    • Exercise transparency in our billing and compensation practices.
    • Never benefit from unethical business practices.
    • Treat every patient with respect and care.
    • Prioritize our integrity as healthcare providers over personal gain.

Our position as mental health and addiction specialists is more than a job. It’s a mission, just as our title states. It’s about strengthening individuals, family, and our community by providing the very best care that we can. Our goal is always to restore our patients to their best selves by helping them rise above the issues that stem from mental illness, and the behavioral issues that come with it.