A Better Life Recovery

Drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitation and recovery.

A Better Life Recovery offers a comprehensive approach to drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitation and recovery.

A Better Life Recovery is licensed for a full-range of inpatient and outpatient services including detox, residential inpatient, PHP, IOP and part-time outpatient treatment.

What Do We Mean By “A Better Life”

A Better Life is not one defined by fame, prestige or material wealth. Ironically it is often the resentments and poor self esteem that result from the pursuit of these superficial goals that lead to the horrors of drug and alcohol addiction for our clients and their loved ones.

To us, a “Better Life” means spiritual serenity, purpose, self-respect, good health, fun pursuits and loving relationships. Contrary to conventional wisdom, we believe inner contentment is the foundation of outward success, not vice-versa. Who we can be, not what we own, is the “Better Life.”

Who is A Better Life Recovery

A Better Life Recovery is a rehabilitation center specializing in adult men struggling with chemical dependency and behavioral issues.

At A Better Life Recovery we believe that targeting the underlying behavioral health issues and installing life management tools will translate into long-term sobriety. We incorporate a variety of proven therapeutic self improvement practices for each of our clients individualized treatment plans. These activities help in restoring a healthy a mind and body. This baseline mental and physical heath searves as a platform for growth.

The Better Life Recovery Mission

It is the mission of A Better Life Recovery to put the needs of our clients first by offering the highest quality of care possible. We believe that by focusing on the best interests of our clients and targeting the underlying behavioral health issues, we will be able to effectively restore lives, rebuild families and improve communities. With our drug and alcohol rehabilitation program, we are setting a new standard of care that spreads throughout the industry. It’s our philosophy with clinically progressive and individualized treatment our clients will be able to start living life again, happy, joyous and free.

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