Bella Elbaum

Publicity Assistant

Bella Elbaum is the Publicity Assistant at VAPR in Los Angeles, CA.

Prior to joining VAPR in 2021, Bella held positions at Loma Vista Recordings, Network Music Group, and Constant Artists where she helped with digital marketing, ran campaigns for artists, created weekly streaming reports, and supported her teams to make sure daily tasks were streamlined and ran smoothly.

Bella has always been interested in music and the music business, and she feels her authenticity, honesty, and knowledge of the industry has helped her build strong relationships.

As Publicity Assistant, Bella handles administrative tasks for CEO and Founder, Valerie Allen, oversees VAPR’s renowned Internship Program, handles calendars, scheduling and day-to-day publicity operations for VAPR’s Junior Publicist, Senior Publicist and Agency Director.

Bella graduated from Los Angeles College of Music with a degree in Music Business.

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