16 Anti-Fame Reinventions: Valerie Allen Featured in MORE Magazine

16 Anti-Fame Reinventions

Learn why these talented women chose to pass on their brush with fame.
by Jennifer Jeanne Patterson

We can leave the house without taking a shower

Star Experience: Valerie Allen has done personal public relations for clients like Dr. Drew Pinsky, Bobby Brown, and Brigette Nielsen. “Outside of appearing on Romper Room when I was a kid, I never had a desire to be in the spotlight,” Allen said. “I am definitely a behind-the-scenes type of person.”
Now: Formerly a television producer, Allen is the founder of Valerie Allen PR in Los Angeles. “It’s really fun to work with clients to shape their messages and segments, and then see them on The Today Show or Ellen, or even the local news,” Allen said. “The most rewarding aspect of my career has been the honor and pleasure of working with Dr. Drew Pinsky for 14 years.”
Why She’s Glad She’s Not a Celeb: “The media landscape has changed and celebrity coverage is more intense and brutal than ever, especially on the internet.  I’d absolutely hate to have to be camera ready every time I walked out the door.”
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