Crowd Surf

Imagine this. You’re sitting with one of your best friends, discussing the future of your career over a some cheap Mexican food in a college town, and both come to a sudden realization…that dream job you’re currently going to school for doesn’t exist.

That’s when most kids would back down and look for something else to do. However, Cassie Petrey and Jade Driver decided that even though they’d have to build the ladder, they were up for the challenge on creating a route for getting to that dream job. This was the moment where they decided that Crowd Surf absolutely had to exist, in the most bootstrapped way possible…with the tiny bit of college loan money they had left.

At this moment they didn’t realize it, but they actually always had this in them. Since they were children, they’ve always known how to come up with resourceful ways to reach their goals. Cassie and Jade grew up in different cities and eventually crossed paths in college, but each had both knowingly and unknowingly established their own path to lead them into the music industry.

As teens, they were running various street teams and fan sites for the artists that they loved, simply because they loved the artists and wanted to do everything they could to thank them for the amazing music they were making. There were no boundaries or limitations when it came to supporting the artists they loved.

This insane, passionate, crazy love for helping artists is the foundation of Crowd Surf, and different bricks have been slowly added over time. This has led to the development of a truly unique full-service marketing firm that is constantly changing for the better.

When the company was founded in 2007, daily tasks consisted of accepting MySpace friends, trying to figure out how to leverage Facebook when it was a closed college network with no public figures, or setting up a Twitter account for super stars like Luke Bryan and Blake Shelton.

Fast forward to 2017.

The company now has a 45 person team, four offices, and a collective social footprint of approximately 1 billion followers amongst all of the accounts the company oversees. Co-Founder, Cassie Petrey, was recognized as one of the top 30 Under 30 leaders in music by Forbes in 2016 and by Billboard in 2011.  Needless to say, these guys learned how to roll with the punches, evolve their services as the music industry’s landscape has changed, and have turned into a full-blown marketing services agency. These guys do it all, providing catered and specialized marketing services to a roster of massive stars such as Guns N Roses, Backstreet Boys, LL Cool J, Steven Tyler, Fifth Harmony, Britney Spears and Noah Cyrus, on top of managing Max & Harvey, the #1 stars in the UK with 4.5M million followers.

So what’s the future for this company made up of digital czars? Well, there’s clearly no playbook laying out what’s to come, which is why Crowd Surf is going continue doing what they do best…helping artists and paving new paths in the digital music age.

It’s not a record label. It’s not a management firm. It’s not a marketing agency.

It’s Crowd Surf.