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Clarify Medical was founded in 2015 by founder and psoriasis patient Martyn Gross. He had excellent results with UVB therapy but found it very difficult to receive in-office treatment three times a week. His concept of a mobile, easy-to-use home UVB system, linked with the patient’s physician, inspired research and development with psoriasis and vitiligo patients and their physicians.

With help from Andre Gamelin, they started designing what later came to be the Clarify Home Light Therapy System. In spring of 2017, Clarify Medical was granted FDA clearance for the system and later that summer Clarify Medical had a Limited Market Release (LMR). Clarify Medical aims to help people who suffer from chronic skin conditions, and launched at AAD in February 2018 in San Diego.

Product Information

The lightweight Clarify Home Light Therapy system allows convenient home phototherapy linking patient, physician and Clarify CarePartner through Android and IOS smartphones and the Clarify Physician Portal.

A lightweight handheld device synced to the Clarify App on the patient’s phone guides patients through delivering brief doses of targeted narrowband Ultraviolet B (UVB) phototherapy precisely where it is needed, controlled by a physician’s prescription.

With the Clarify Medical Home Light Therapy System, Physicians can review each patients progress during office visits, including photographs of changes in skin condition, via the HIPAA-compliant Clarify Physician Portal. For busy dermatologists with office space and time constraints that often preclude them from offering UVB therapy, Clarify provides a way to offer home treatment while continuing to monitor patient care.

Additionally, Clarify CarePartners, highly trained clinical educators, are standing by to coach patients on the use of the system, monitor ongoing treatment and encourage treatment adherence. Clarify system integrates the latest in NB-UVB therapy with the convenience of smartphone usage to accommodate physician requirements and patient quality of life.

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