Adi Jaffe, PhD. Author and Expert on Addiction and Mental Health

 Adi Jaffe, Ph.D. is an author and nationally recognized expert on mental health, addiction and stigma. He lectures in the Psychology department at UCLA and was the Executive-Director and Co-Founder of one of the most progressive mental health treatment facilities in the country.

Dr. Jaffe’s work and research focus on changing the way Americans think about, and deal with mental health issues. He is passionate about the role of shame in destroying lives and aims to greatly reduce the stigma of mental health in this country. In this context, Dr. Jaffe has used his personal experience as an incredibly effective inspirational and motivational tool.

Dr. Jaffe attended UCLA, graduating with a B.A. in Psychology. It was during his undergraduate career that Adi began struggling with drug issues himself, eventually leading to a 4 year hiatus from studies and into the Los Angeles drug-dealing world where he became quite successful. During that period of his life, Adi’s days looked more like a re-enactment of a beatnik novel or a Quentin Tarantino film than the life of an upper-middle class suburban kid. Following a SWAT team arrest in his apartment, and extended court case and a year-long jail sentence, Adi began rebuilding his life. This eventually led to his attainment of a Ph.D. from UCLA’s top-rated doctoral program in psychology, where he graduated with honors. Even before he graduated Dr. Jaffe’s name had become known through his online and academic writing. His views on addiction and his research on the topic have been published in dozens of journals and online publications and he has appeared on numerous television shows and documentaries discussing current topics in addiction and the problem of addiction as a whole.

Dr. Jaffe is a regular contributor for Psychology Today, and has been featured in a wide selection of media including CNN, The Doctors, Dr. Oz, E!, TODAY Show, Access Hollywood, CBS News, Larry King LIVE, and many others. His goal is to bring the latest knowledge about addiction to the people who could benefit from it most – those who are suffering because of it. His writing combines personal experience with a decade’s worth of fine-detail research regarding the mechanisms involved in the addictive process.

Dr. Jaffe’s debut book, The Abstinence Myth (August 2018) challenges the current recovery system and discusses his own non-traditional approach. His goal is to help others overcome addiction without shame, judgement or rules.

Dr. Jaffe currently resides in Los Angeles with his wife, Sophie, their three children and their dog. He and Sophie host a podcast, IGNTD , where they explore all things relationships.Together they serve as daily inspiration for millions of readers and followers.

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