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6 Hair Loss Myths Debunked By Hair Loss Specialist Bill Edwards with Medical Daily

Hair Loss Specialist and the CEO of Regenix Bill Edwards debunks common hair loss myths with Medical Daily.

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William “Bill” Edwards – Scalp Specialist, Founder & CEO of Regenix

William “Bill” Edwards is the Founder and CEO of Regenix. Founded in 1993, and headquartered in the Cedars Sinai Medical Office Towers in Beverly Hills, the Regenix Hair Research Clinic has treated over 500,000 individuals with hair loss. Edwards is a renowned Scalp and Hair Care Specialist who has been treating scalp disorders since 1976.

In 1980, Edwards joined An-Tech Research Labs, Inc., to concentrate solely on research and analysis. Through a grant from the Canadian Government, the company was able to purchase an Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer to determine relationships with and track mineral absorption. In 1984,Edwards moved from Toronto to Los Angeles and became President of An-Tech Research Labs.

Finally, in 1993, Edwards resigned from An-Tech and founded Regenix, when new Bio-pharmaceutical treatments were developed, along with new analysis technology, that exponentially expanded the company’s capabilities.

Today, Regenix is a household name, treating celebrity clients like Matthew McConaughey, and expanding its reach nationwide with a new at-home product line. The Regenix 3 Stage System is a non-surgical, custom treatment program, made with natural, effective ingredients that work both above and below the surface of the scalp. Regenix helps with hair loss or thinning, Dermatitis, Dandruff, Psoriasis, or extremely dry or damaged hair from chemicals and styling products.

Edward’s goal is to create a healthier environment for hair growth while preventing further hair loss by stopping the deteriorative process.

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Extra Connections: Earlobe Reconstruction with Dr Elliot Hirsch

Listen here as So Cal Plastic and Comestic Surgeon Dr. Elliot Hirsch speaks with James Lott Jr about solutions to earlobe sag, and damage from stretched earlobes.

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Dr. Elliot Hirsch – Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Elliot Hirsch is a board certified plastic surgeon who practices the full spectrum of plastic and reconstructive surgery, specializing in both cosmetic and reconstructive breast surgery including breast reconstruction, breast reduction, and breast implant removal and revision.  Dr. Hirsch’s primary office is in Sherman Oaks, and treats patients from not only Los Angeles but from all over California and beyond.

Dr. Hirsch grew up in Westlake Village, Los Angeles and attended the prestigious Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland where he graduated with Phi Beta Kappa and Omicron Delta Kappa honors, and also received the Kurt P. Richter award for outstanding research in the field of Behavioral Biology. After his undergraduate studies, Dr. Hirsch returned to Southern California for medical school at the Keck School of Medicine at the University of Southern California, where he graduated with highest distinction and was elected into the Alpha Omega Alpha honor society as well as the Order of Arete.

Dr. Hirsch completed his integrated plastic and reconstructive surgery residency at the prestigious Northwestern Memorial Hospital program in Chicago, Illinois where he received several awards for his research and teaching.

Since entering medical school, Dr. Hirsch has been an active researcher in the field of plastic surgery and has co-authored over 40 manuscripts and book chapters, and has received several grants for original research projects and holds patents for wound care devices.  Dr. Hirsch is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

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Talking with Dr. Annette Nunez!

annetteJoin us as we talk to founder of Breakthrough Interventions, LLC, Dr. Annette Nunez! Dr. Nunez will discuss her background in psychotherapy, marriage counseling, child development and family therapy. Her ground breaking therapeutic intervention looks to support skill acquisition, social emotional development and retention that helps the entire family live more inclusive enriched lives. This is a do not miss show! NSV Online Radio…keeping you informed, entertained and enlightened! This show is broadcast live on Wednesday’s at 7:00PM ET on W4WN Radio – The Women 4 Women Network ( part of Talk 4 Radio ( on the Talk 4 Media Network (


Top Five Hair Myths to Forget Right Now from Regenix Founder, William Edwards

According to the American Hair Loss Association, by age 50, 85% of men will have experienced a significant amount of loss or thinning, while 50% of women will deal with some degree of hair loss. So, it’s important to separate the fact from the fiction when it comes to hair loss. We spoke with scalp specialist, CEO and founder of Regenix, William Edwards to get the truth, and here’s what we learned:

Hair Myth #1: There’s nothing that can be done about hair loss.

Being doomed to baldness is a myth. The reasons for hair loss are varied, complex and beyond the scope of a single “miracle cure” formula. But there is a solution. Natural hair loss treatments offer analysis of the problem and steps to enhance hair, prevent further loss and help with life-long maintenance.

Hair Myth #2: Hair loss is a male-only issue.

You know your hair was thicker last year, but you can’t convince anyone else. But this isn’t an exclusively male problem. Hair loss does affect women. As a matter of fact, over 30% of Edwards’ clients are female. The reasons for hair loss in women are varied and complex.

Hair Myth #3: Hair is trapped under the scalp.

Follicle debris is only one of the varied and complex reasons for hair loss, and no amount of oil of chemical residue is going to “imprison” hair shafts below the scalp and keep them from growing. If you have already lost your hair, nothing is going to bring it back. However, if you want to keep your hair you must take care of it.

Hair Myth #4: Hair loss is a genetic trait that can’t be stopped.

Scientists understand hair and its follicle by identifying the key cells, proteins, hormones and genes that control the growth, loss and regeneration of hair. Bio-pharmaceuticals are a solution to neutralize the hereditary predisposition, before hair is lost.  Prevention  is now an integral part of health care and a sensible approach to hair care.

Hair Myth #5: Frequent shampooing causes hair loss.

If you notice a lot of hair fall when you shampoo, it could be due to a normal shedding. However, it could also be an early warning of a problem below the scalp that only worsens when you wash your hair less often.

Commercial or medicated shampoos can leave chemical residues that also contribute to the disorder. Replacement hairs grow in thinner and weaker, until eventually they do not grow back at all.

The key in natural treatment is to identify  whether or not the problem exists, and if it does, treat it before irreparable damage is done. Life long maintenance can then be achieved using our quality, natural hair care products as often as you wish.


Technology Addiction Help for Preteens with Dr. Lisa Strohman

In this episode of The Middle School Years Podcast, I’m joined by Dr. Lisa Strohman, founder of the Digital Citizen Academy (DCA), a resource for parents, kids, and schools to help educate them on online safety as well as technology addiction.

Dr. Lisa is dishing about all things tech when it comes to our middle schooler and it is an eye opener for sure. My mouth dropped when she shared that our kids are spending 9-11 hours on their devices daily. It really shouldn’t be that shocking but it’s definitely scary to me as a parent.

When you allow your child to go online, on a device, you’re allowing them to connect to millions of people you have no control over.

Dr. Lisa reveals that research is showing that just four hours of frivolous use online is actually rewiring the brain and this doesn’t just apply to our kids. Grown up check 1-2-1-2. Mama, you really want to hear what she says about the effects of excessive gaming and heroin. It will make you rethink Roblox…well, at least I have.

@drlisaStrohman says excessive screen time has the same effects as smoking crack. CLICK TO TWEETDr. Lisa believes that technology does have some positive influences for our kids. It’s not all bad but as parents, we must educate ourselves so that we can best support our kids. Technology is here to stay but that doesn’t mean that we can’t help our kids be kids as long as possible.

As a parent of a kiddo with a school issued iPad, I’ve struggled to help Mekhi balance screen time. I had to ask her thoughts on school issued technology and how parents can manage screen time when textbooks, homework, and school life revolves around iPads, tablets, or laptops. She gives some great insights that I’m planning to use with my kids.

Grab your earbuds, take a walk and listen in as Dr. Lisa helps us better understand the implications of technology excess.

Let’s get to it.

Click the play button and listen in as Dr. Lisa shares about helping our preteens with technology addiction and then tell us your biggest aha from this episode.


Tips for Parents and a Social Media Campaign Bettering the Lives of Children with ASD


Renowned Autism Specialist, Dr. Annette Nunez, the Founder and Director of Breakthrough Interventions, LLC joins eHealth Radio and the Autistic Syndrome Information & Health News Channels. Dr. Nunez is a licensed psychotherapist and has worked with children with ASD and other related disorders for over 22 years.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Dr. Annette Nunez discuss the following:

  • Summertime is here, which means parents across the board will be looking for activities to keep their children occupied while school is out. However, this can be more difficult for parents of children with Autism.  What are some activities or exercises parents can do with their children at home?
  • As an expert for over 20 years, what are the top misconceptions of children with autism?
  • We learned you’ve recently started a social media campaign called #iAcceptAutism. Can you tell us about the movement?
  • What do you hope participants in the campaign will do as a result?
  • For parents of children with autism who may be struggling in school or at home, what advice do you give to them?




Dr. Annette Nunez is a highly sought after Autism expert, author and founder and director of Breakthrough Interventions, LLC, a multi-dimensional therapeutic program with specialized one-on-one programs at home and in school for children with autism. She is a licensed psychotherapist and has worked with children with ASD and other related disorders for over 20 years.

Dr. Nunez’s mission is to enrich the lives of children by providing academic, behavioral, cognitive and social support so that each child will be integrated into general educational classrooms, be able to develop friendships with peers, and become productive, independent individuals.

She received a BA in Psychology, an MS in Marriage and Family Therapy and a Ph.D. in Quantitative Research Methods with a specialization in Child Development. At UCLA, she studied and trained with renowned autism expert, Dr. Ivar Lovaas on Discrete Trial Training (DTT). She also received training from the Institute for Child Development in California on the Floortime Approach and developed a successful behavioral program that combined aspects of DTT and Floortime.

As part of her doctorate work at the University of Denver, Dr. Nunez developed the Children’s Social Competence Scale (CSCS). The CSCS is an early intervention evaluation tool that measures social competency in young children. She serves as the Program Director for Connect Us, a non-profit organization that helps children cultivate positive relationships through facilitated play. Her research interests include the mainstreaming and socialization of children with High Functioning Autism and Aspberger’s.

Dr. Nunez wrote the The BI Approach, as well as a book titled Friendship Is, a touching children’s book which shows just how children with autism care for others in their own unique ways and takes a unique look at social acceptance and friendship. She is currently writing a book about the SCIP Model that will be published by early next year.

She conducts many seminars throughout the country and in China and plans to continue educating parents and professionals about mainstreaming and socialization of children with HFA and Aspberger’s. Dr. Nunez was recently honored by the Autism Society of Colorado as a finalist for the 2011 Faces of Autism Professional Award.