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The Critically Acclaimed “Midlife Ganger: Redemption Song” One-Man Show Returns by Popular Demand


Los Angeles, CA (November 12th, 2016) — Extreme Interventionist and star of A&E’s Extractors, Evan “Bullet” James, is returning to the East Coast for the critically acclaimed “Midlife Gangster: Redemption Song – The Life and Times of Bullet James,” a one-man show dramatizing his chaotic journey from almost dying of a cocaine overdose in a gas station bathroom to redemption with a purpose.  “Midlife Gangster” will be coming to The Flight Theater for one performance on November 12th at 3pm.

“Midlife Gangster” examines the life of a man now known to be a pioneer in the drug and alcohol intervention world. Mr. Evan “Bullet” James is the inventor of the Extreme Intervention Model, a category of intervention meant for individuals in extremely dangerous situations.  In the past 23 years, Bullet has sustained over 1,214 successful interventions and has saved countless lives.  His work was recently captured by A&E for the docu-series “Extractors.”

“Bullet” narrates and dramatizes his turbulent, insane, hilarious, heart wrenching journey from a broken home to star athlete to being enticed to run with street gangs….all of which led to a life of wasted potential, drug addiction, jails, institutions, homelessness and eventually trying to commit suicide on a rainy fall night in 1987.

Midlife Gangster serves as the prequel to how Bullet became “The Extractor,” and captures the true devastation of addiction.  Bullet gives a performance of epic proportions, and delivers a “life transforming show.” Says LA Splash Magazine.

All proceeds will be donated to Teen Adolescent Placements Services. Since 1995 T.A.P.S., a non profit organization, has been assisting families in crises with drug addicted teens and young adults.



Evan “Bullet” James is a leading expert in the field of ‘extreme’ drug intervention services.  With twenty three years of experience in the industry, Bullet is one of the most highly regarded and sought-after drug interventionists in the world. He is also the creator of the “Extreme Crisis Intervention” model.  Founded in 1996, Extreme Intervention specializes in crisis intervention and transport services, missing person investigation and recovery and legal advocacy services. Bullet’s company has also managed some of the most complex, high-profile drug, alcohol, sexual addiction, gang, missing persons, and cult intervention cases in the world, helping over 1200 families both here in the United States and overseas. The team’s numerous success stories include helping clients from the celebrity, corporate and professional athletics arenas. As one of America’s preeminent substance abuse counselors, Bullet has helped run the unique non profit organization TAPS (Teen Adolescent Placement Services) for the past twenty years with his partner “Uncle Tony Pallotto.” Bullet received his certification in drug and alcohol counseling from U.C.L.A.’s Chemical Dependency Program and is a certified Speared Raiter Systemic Family Interventionist, trained under the auspices of the prestigious Sierra Tuscon Treatment Facility. Prior to founding Universal Crisis Intervention, Bullet was co-facilitator of the Betty Ford Center’s Family Outreach Program.

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A&E Extractors Evan “Bullet” James to Speak at Pasadena Recovery Center

Bullet is one of the most highly regarded and sought-after drug interventionists in the world, and will be sure to wow the audience with his riveting story of addiction and redemption

Pasadena, California (PRWEB) May 17, 2016 — Pasadena Recovery Center is pleased to welcome Extreme Interventionist and star of A&E’s new addiction show “Extractors”, Mr. Evan “Bullet” James, to their groundbreaking speaker series on Wednesday, May 25th at 12 P.M. James is a leader in the field of ‘extreme’ drug intervention services and has handled thousands of cases both here and abroad. James has over twenty years of experience in drug intervention and rehabilitation placement, and is a highly respected authority in the addiction industry.
“We are so very honored to have Mr. Evan “Bullet” James as our featured guest for this month’s speaker series,” says Michael Bloom, CEO of Pasadena Recovery Center. “We are all looking forward to hear what this incredible man has to say, as well as learn more about the Extreme Crisis Intervention model.”

Evan “Bullet” James is the Founder, President, and Director of Universal Crisis Intervention (U.C.I. Extreme Intervention) in addition to being a nationally recognized motivational speaker in the area of drug intervention. With twenty three years of experience in the industry, Bullet is one of the most highly regarded and sought- after drug interventionists in the world. He is also the creator of the “Extreme Crisis Intervention” model. As one of America’s preeminent substance abuse counselors, Bullet has helped run the unique non profit organization TAPS (Teen Adolescent Placement Services) for the past twenty years with his partner “Uncle” Tony Pallotto.

Extractors, which premiered April 17th on A&E, followed Bullet and his team as they located, intervened and extracted young men and women whose uncontrollable addiction to drugs or out of control behavior had led them into situations they could no longer get themselves out of.
Standard interventions take place in a safe and controlled environment with family and close friends; Extractions, both performed and created by Mr. Evan “Bullet” James, can take place anywhere, anytime, and the team of extractors never know what or who is behind the closed door housing the troubled individual. Extractions are used when individuals are in dangerous, life-threatening situations and must be taken out of harms way immediately. Bullet will share his incredible stories with Pasadena Recovery Center’s audience, and will take each individual on a journey of redemption and hope.

Pasadena Recovery Center Speaker Series hosts amazing authors, entrepreneurs, celebrities, and experts to talk about their personal experiences with addiction and the way it has affected both themselves and the people around them. Previous guests include Dr. Drew Pinsky, Bob Forrest, Mackenzie Phillips, Robert Shapiro, Steve-O, Kristen Johnston, David Sheff, Kevin Sabet, Pat O’Brien, Candy Finnigan, and many more.

Pasadena Recovery Center: Located in the charming historic district of Pasadena, the Pasadena Recovery Center was co-founded in 2000 by renowned psychiatrist Dr. Lee Bloom, his daughter Alison Triessl, and his son Michael Bloom. The 98-bed drug and alcohol treatment center is nationally known for its 12-step based comprehensive treatment program and highly skilled, licensed and certified staff. Pasadena Recovery Center is dedicated to providing compassionate, comprehensive care to those suffering from chemical dependency and is proud to offer lifesaving and life-changing treatment at an affordable cost. Pasadena Recovery Center offers in- network providers for insurance. The Pasadena Recovery Center’s goal is to reintroduce sober individuals into society with the skills necessary to lead meaningful, productive lives and offers sober housing in addition to treatment. Spruce House is located only minutes away from their facility and is committed to providing an affordable home-like environment for men in early recovery from chemical dependency. 


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